Saturday, October 13, 2012

Now playing at a Cinema near you!

Now showing at a CINEMA near you! Starring Lyrical Leigh, My Ordinary life is a Sci-fi comedy about the life of an ordinary woman, Naerra, who through a mishap is now living someone elses life!

It was just joke! Naerra couldn't resist the tempting uniform of a Elite Spacewoman's uniform just laying there, she HAD to put it on. Now everyone beleives that Naerra is one of the Elite! Dispite the fact she has never take a self-defense course and can't shoot her laser straight, Naerra is determined to prove herself!

What is Lyrical wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel, Kumi in Hazel
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard; Bionic eyes in green (mesh) (@ Cinema )
Hair: Mina; Ursula in dark red 3 (@ Cinema )
Dress: Electic Apparel; Scifi dress in pink (mesh) (@ Cinema)
Belt: LouLou & Co; Cosmos Belt (@ Cinema )
Boots: G Field; Long Cuff Boots -Will- in Ivory (mesh)
Pose: Adorkable; Frontier (@ Cinema)

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