Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cinema- Gotta bring myself back from the dead!

Now play at a CINEMA near you!
Shy little Audrey Kane just wanted to be accepted. It was hard, moving all the time, but she was determined to make the best of the move. Shy, and a little awkward, Audrey found herself the butt of every joke, but she tried to laugh it off. When a harmless - or maybe not so harmless- joke ended in tragedy; Audrey vowed she'd make sure no one would be laughing then! Angry and bitter, Audrey will show them.

What is Lyrical wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel; Kumi in Hazel (green)
Hair: Alice Project; Willow [high] with Willow Braids [high] add-on (mesh) (@ cinema )
Shirt: Auxiliary; Bunneh Hoodie in Green/Orange (mesh) (@ cinema )
Jeans: evolve; Bloody Jeans in Dirty (mesh) (@ cinema )
Hands: Slink; Rigged Mesh hands in Gesture -R- and Relaxed -L-
Feet: Slink; Ladies Mesh Barefeet Static Medium
Pose: .ploom; Creep (@ cinema )

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