Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beautiful, Dangerous, and Pink.

Beautiful, Dangerous, and Pink. by ⁂ℒyrical ℒeigh ⁂
This is my darling friend Chase, who does not have a blog (yet). I promised I'd kidnap her shopping and then blog it. And oh, the boobage on this dress! Our partners say the boobage is good, or in the words of Rawn, "Fuck I love boobs though," even though he doesn't really. He's a ass man, really. Anyhow, on to the credits. I'll have Chase's credits as soon as I find her again (she ran and hide after photos o.O )
What is Lyrical wearing:
Skin: .tsg.; Mei Mei in Tone C
Cosmetics: .tsg.; Mei Mei Frost Lips (tan) in Frost Pink
Lip: Aitui; Lip Tattoo Meow
Hair: Magika; Faint in Hud 3
Dress: Stained Clothing; Kittylicous Cutt off

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