Friday, May 25, 2012

Lyrical goes to Japan!

In her totally adorable Viewing Party Walolita Kimono. I mean, how cute is it? It's got flowers! And butterflies! Lyrical has always wanted to visit Japan, so she hoped on a TP and to Japan she went. Actually it was Edo-era themed Japan, so maybe her kimono was a tad inappropriate?

Ooops? Well, she's cute, so it's okay. I did a post a while back ago on the kimono. I love Japanese street fashion. While the walolita doesn't have the simple elegance of the kimono, it does have it's own regality because it based off of the kimono. Walolita is a sub-genre of the Lolita subculture. That's right, subculture; not fashion. Maybe I'll do a post on the Lolita subculture as well as fashion. I adore the Lolita look for it's simple doll-like quality. Lyrical loves the Lolita because it's cute!
This is another gift from the No Strings Attached 4 hunt (which is still going on btw!). It's been sitting in my inventory for a while now. There were supposedly shoes to match, but I couldn't find them? But these work just fine. I love the butterfly bow tie on obis. I have one in real, and believe me, there is a reason why back in those old days when people actually wore kimonos the rich and royalty paid someone to dress them; tying a obi by yourself is hard!
Dressed so cute and sweet, and totally Japanese, Lyrical feels like a J-pop diva! So she whipped out her hairbrush, and started to sing!

What am I wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember in Cocoa (beestung)
Eye: Daimien Fate: FATEeyes
Lashes: Lelutka: Natural 2011
Eyeliner: Face Paint: liner/lashes 1
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Sachiko in Wild Honey (mesh)
Outfit: Lethe: Viewing Party Kimono (hunt gift)
Shoes: Vogue: Blossom Okobo in Cherry
Poses: Adorkable, !bang
 Click to Visit Edo Japan

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