Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hairbrush Diva

Oh, yeah. We all do it. Don't pretend you don't. We all snatch up that hairbrush, and belt into it at the top of our lungs, pretending we're some awesome diva. Can't you just hear the crowd roar? Maybe they're begging me to shut up. Who knows? Who cares? Do you? Not me! So this is another Bitch Tail blog because, this is my main "I'm at home, and I'm lazy" outfit. What better to dance and sing into a hairbrush in, than your lazy outfit? Remember the couples post? I mentioned all Bitch Tail outfits are 98 Lindens. Oh yeah. Ninety-eight Lindens. Full outfits too! Oh. My. God! Can't beat that at all. I had way too much fun with this one. I got Lyrical dancing, and started taking snap-shots. I didn't realize it, but I had 31 raw photos to go through. Eeep! They're all good, so I picked the best.

I mean, is that the perfect "I'm at home, and I'm lazy" outfit, or what? She has in several colors (black, teal, purple, and lime). I own it in three. Here's where I usually blabber about how I added this shirt to these pair of pants, with this shoe. I haven't nothing really to add, except I totally forgot how cute this hair was!
Dance Lyri dance! Okay, so I'm not wearing the full outfit, just the panties and the top. It comes with armbands, gloves, top,shorts (not worn), panties, socks,and face paint. Below is the full outfit.
What am I wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember in Cocoa (pure)
Eyes: Damien Fate: FATEeyes (mesh)
Lashes: Lelutka: 2011 natural
Hair: Exile: Groove Theory (mesh)
Outfit: Bitch Tail: I Own You Water
Pose: !bang: Hairbrush Microphone

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