Saturday, May 19, 2012

Darling Little House

I've had my eye on this house ever since I discovered Funky*Junk. It's a darling little house, with a living room, spacious kitchen, large bedroom,with a little loft and small room off of the bedroom(perfect for a bathroom). It's got a wrap around porch! Perfect country-side house. I've had my heart set on a country cottage admist rolling hills and wildflowers,and I'm this much closer to that! I haven't yet had a chance to do much landscaping (hey, I just moved in yesterday!) but I've been a busy girl decorating the inside. I don't want to bog down with a whole lot of pictures, so I'll just post a few.

The living room.

Window seat. How cool!

Isn't this just cute?! It's my little greenhouse, with wild grass and flowers,and fireflies! And a lazy bench. 

What am I wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember in Cocoa Beestung
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Sachiko in Wild Honey
Eyes: Damien Fate: FATEeyes
Shirt: Kyoot: Soft Heart Crop Top in white
Pants: Gawk!: Glitter Drainpipe pants in rose
Shoes: G Field: Long mesh boot "Wills" in pink

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