Monday, April 23, 2012

Sci-Fi Princess

Ooooh, pretty. Yeah, I don't usually do the whole fantasy look, but this was too gorgeous to pass up. I visited the Fantasy Fair 2012, and if you haven't, you should hop right on over. Most all vendors have a charity vendor, where the proceeds go to the American Cancer Association.  The skin and hair are low lag, and they're freebies. You can find 'em at the landing points.

The skin nude

The backside of the skin

Playing with different light filters. Adds a dramatic touch, no?

More light filters!

What am I wearing?
Skin ... Fallen Gods Inc ...Parchement Skin for Females...Freebie found on at Fantasy Fair 2012
Hair... Wasabi Pills ...Teeloh Mesh and Shaved Base...Freebie found on at Fantasy Fair 2012
Eyes..... Ikon ........Incan Gold Light
Silks... Creative Chaos ...Lucia in Blue
Pose 1: Embody Female Ele 3
Pose 2: Adorkable 25 days of poses, day 21
pose 3: My own :D
Pose 4: My own :D

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