Friday, April 20, 2012


Mesh. Its a totally awesome new thing in Second Life. It allows creators to be more detailed in their creations. Of course, if you don't have a mesh enabled viewer, it can be pretty humorous. I first saw mesh when I got the Bitch Tail Wars On in pink and the Bitch Tail Super. Since then I've quite fallen in love with mesh. The best part of mesh is it moves with the avatar in various poses.

Yeah, I'm wearing a demo by Rebel Hope. The bad thing about mesh is it comes in five standard sizes, and if your avatar isn't within one of those five sizes, you are shit outta luck. Best thing to do is to try a demo first, since it'd suck to spend your hard earned Lindens on something that doesn't look good on you. 

Of course you could mod your avatar to fit one of those sizes, but that takes away the uniqeness of SL and everyone would look like little mesh cookie cutter avatars. It just depends on what you are wanting in your Second Life. Me, I'm not too big on changing my avatar (or modifying) it for any reason.  

But since I love, love, love mesh, I snagged a few more snap shots of me demoing mesh. These come from ColdLogic

ColdLogic's Savage Dress

ColdLogic's Lepore Capris and Wright Top

ColdLogic's Joslin pants suit

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