Monday, April 16, 2012

New Face Paint!

So, here I am, just hanging out in my skybox, doing nothing much really, when a IM pop up, reading, "Eve Express skulks around her lab, looking for more victims, er i mean testers for a new  makeup." I of course, reply "Me!" Miss Eve Express sent the whole new line. Here's Face Paint Desire.

Face Paint Desire Blue

Face Paint Desire Green

Face Paint Desire Pink

Face paint Desire Purple

Face Paint Desire Red

Face Paint Desire Smoke

Face Paint Desire Storm
What am I wearing?

  • Gizza Summer Angels dress
  • Face Paint Desire in all colors
  • LAQ Skin   Alva in Cocoa
  • Truth Hair  Tammy in Coffe
Pose is Adorkable 25 Days of Poses, Day 16 

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