Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pose Fair

I had been reading all about this pose fair 2012 that's going on. So, I decided to check it out. THIS is what greeted me when I landed at the landing point of Pose Fair South. Pretty damn awesome don't cha think? The whole sim is done up in this abstract image. I wondered about collecting LMs and free gifts, and might hop back on over for a pose or two (even tho I shouldn't). 


The outfit!
LAQ.....Skin.....Alva in Coco
Truth....Hair....Tasmina in Coffee
Epic....Romper.....Black Ribbon Romper with Fishnets
Epic.....Digi Boots.....Lost Analog Digi Boots
Epic....wings.....Red Chibi Passion Sparkle Wings (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Pose 1: Sparrowtree Studios Poses.....Soaring (Pose Fair 2012 gift)
Pose 2: elymode.....Contemplation 2 (Pose Fair 2012 gift)

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