Monday, September 10, 2012

Home, sweet Home

I love the ability to keep home in Second Life. I love that my husband allows me to decorate our home in which ever way I feel. It's something he knows I enjoy doing, and I think if it weren't for me, he'd be living in a cardboard box. :D Generally, I tend to keep to the same shops, because I know what I like, I know I get good quality, and I know it looks good.

Ever since my first house I bought, I've kept with Funky Junk. This one is no different, I believe this one of Ulaa's older ones, but it's a lovely three room cottage. (oh yeah, I know ya'll were expecting the new Salinas house, weren't ya, weren't ya? :D) First off, I love the pretty green panelling. The porch is spacious, and roomy. It's a little cottage I could totally see smushed into a woody grove, with trees growing all around it.

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