Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dance Like Noone's Watching

Totally enjoying the married life here. Maybe I'll get over my spell of laziness, since at least my hunny likes my blog. Or maybe it's just that gives him a hour or so without me nagging him? Well, he reads it at least.

So, I've totally had my eye on these boots since they came out. I liked them so much, I bought them in two colors. I don't usually go for shoes, mostly wander around barefoot. But these were one of those, "I like them, I want them, I HAVE to have them" kinda buys. As I do enjoy dressing for the changing of the seasons, I can see me wearing them a lot.

The past few days, I've woken just absolutely cold! And well, Lyrical dresses to fit my mood. And not to mention, the boots. The boots are too damn cute! They're Maitrya's new Stagioni boots in coal. I've got them in sand too. Very lovely, earthy tones, totally Autumn. I honestly haven't taken them off since I got them. Honestly!

I've paired the boots up with several The Sea Hole stuffs. The little caplet and matching skirt are The Hunted set in Ocre Rising. It's a very sweet little caplet with a adorable little leaf design closure. The cap sleaves are just adoreable.The skirt is in matching tones, featuring a wolf hunting a young girl. The design wraps around the skirt done in a vector style.

When I saw these tights by Kyoot, I imediantly thought "Autumn". They're the kinda thing I'd wear under my skirts, and add that bit of cuteness (never really add warmth do they?)

I chose to pair this ensemble with The Sea Hole's Lace Insert Top + Armwarmers Set rather than the matching camisole just to add that splash of color. The hair, too, is one of those "I like, I want, I HAVE to have" buys. It's one of Exile's new releases, Like Lovers Do. It's a short haired messy updo, with an optional add-on loose tendril.

What am I wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel; Ember in Cocoa (pure)
Hair: Exile; Like Lovers Do in Rouge
Eyes: Damien Fate; FATEeyes
Lashes: Letluka; Natural 2011
Ring: JCNY: Juliet Engagement/Wedding Combo
Capelet: The Sea Hole; The Hunted Caplet and Camisole set in Orche Rising
Shirt: The Sea Hole; Lace Insert Top + Armwarmer Set in Persimmon
Skirt: The Sea Hole; The Hunted Skirt in Orche Rising
Leggings: Kyoot; Hollander Tights in Black
Boots: Maitreya; Stagioni in Coal

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