Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lyrical goes to Hogwarts!

This sim is one of the hottest sims right now. Mostly because, it's Harry Potter and it's all mesh. It is a rp sim, although no rp is going on right now. The sim is open to the public till the 13th, so you better hurry on over! I grew up with Harry and friends, so seeing Harry Potter stuff is kinda nostalgic. (I'm still waiting on my letter, Hogwarts!) Of course, Lyrical had to go see Hogwarts. Unfortunately, no Hogwarts uniform for her!

This would be Lyrical boarding the Hogwarts Express. Lyrical is wearing the new Zaara release, the mesh shirt Ashima blouse in khol.
You land at Platform 9 3/4. From there you board the Hogwarts Express and find your way to Hogwarts! While they have the sim review open at the Platform you can get a folder on landmarks to some of the more populated areas of Hogwarts. Some parts of the sim are closed off, but you can wander and explore.

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