Friday, June 8, 2012

Lets cook with Lyrical!

Well,since I am engaged,sometimes I think it would be nice to treat him to a nice cooked meal. I've never really been one to be busy in the kitchen, but how hard can it be? Really? I mean, people cook all the time. So, I decided was going to cook my fiance something. So first I looked and looked for a recipe book, until I found one packed away in some box shoved in the storage room.

The first thing I did, was read the recipe over, and over. Now is not the time to make a mistake! It seemed easy enough, as I read through the instructions. I made note of what to turn the stove too, when to put in what, and when to stir. It looked easy! This cooking thing is a peice of cake!

I made a couple of trips back and forth from the fridge grabbing ingredients. Milk? check. Eggs? Check. So forth, and so forth. And so then, I put the pot on the stove, turned the flame on, and started adding ingredients. Merrily, happily cooking along, singing to the radio. Really, this cooking thing is soooo easy!
Time to stir! So I go to stir the sauce. Stirring, stirring. That's when I noticed something just looked... off. Should it be this color? Hesitantly, I taste it. Well, I guess it's fine. I check my recipe, and I noticed I needed my scale. Of course, my fiance had to put it on the top shelf.
And I lost my balance. Now I'm only five foot, not very tall at all! I got stuck, and I wiggled, and I kicked, and I just couldn't pull myself out. Meanwhile, the totally awesome sauce I was cooking, bubbled and boiled, and then burned! My lovely meal! For my fiance! When he finally comes home and sees me kicking and wiggling in the sink, he sure does have a good laugh.
Well, I'm no cook, but I did try. Hey, at least I'm cute.

What am I wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember in Cocoa
Eyes: Damien Fate: FATEeyes
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Anais in Wild Honey (mesh)
Shirt: :{u.f.o}: : Boyfriend Sweater in universe(mesh) Collabor88
Headband: :{u.f.o}: Party in your badroom in mint plan Collabor88
Feet: Gaeline: Flat Bare Feet (mesh)

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